The FreeMind-Wiki-Converter should run on any operating system.

  1. Download the latest binary package
  2. Extract it to a place of your choice
  3. Make scripts available to the command line (described below)
  4. Use it!


There are shell scripts in freemind2wiki/bin. You may create symbolic links such that you may call them from anywhere in your terminal.

chmod a+x <freemind2wiki-home/bin/*.sh

sudo ln -s <freemind2wiki-home>/bin/ /usr/local/bin/freemind2wikigui
sudo ln -s <freemind2wiki-home>/bin/ /usr/local/bin/freemind2wiki
sudo ln -s <freemind2wiki-home>/bin/ /usr/local/bin/fm2confl
sudo ln -s <freemind2wiki-home>/bin/ /usr/local/bin/confl2fm


There are batch files in freemind2wiki/bin. Create an environment variable %FREEMIND2WIKI_HOME% and set it to your freemind2wiki directory. You may add the folder %FREEMIND2WIKI_HOME%\bin to your path environment.