This project provides tools for converting FreeMind mind-maps to Wiki markup and vice-versa. Currently, there is only a converter for Confluence available.

Wikis provide good methods for browsing, viewing and editing content quickly. FreeMind is great for editing mind-maps and hierarchical structures. If you use both a wiki and FreeMind, you may want to have mind-maps integrated into your wiki while preserving powerful features of FreeMind such as moving nodes and branches. Here is where the FreeMind-Wiki-Converter might come in handy.

The converter is forgiving - it should not fail if the wiki markup is not well-formed (e.g. a h3-headline following a h1.-headline). Except of the first conversion, the conversions are loss-less.

You may be interested in the freemind plugin that allows you to import from Confluence or export to Confluence directly from FreeMind.